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#13643913 Feb 08, 2018 at 02:58 AM
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Path of Exile 3.2.0 will come, I really hope 3.2 brings a lot more choices with the Ascendancy classes. Unlike buy chaos orbs, in 3.1 most people take the same 8 points for their Ascendancy classes simply because there isn't many choices and some are clearly worse than others.

I really do think it would be great if we had hard choices to make which would mean more nodes to pick from and a better balance of them. I remember when they released the Ascendancy classes, we only had 6 points to allocate and that made for harder choices. I don't want to go back to 6 points, but I feel like having more options would clearly make theorycrafting builds way more interesting.

I saw some other players opinions on PoE forum. One player said that his biggest wish for "ascendancy overhaul" is that it would be real ascendancy overhaul, not just "we nerfed necro/slayer/raider/inq, slapped a bunch of free damage on underused ones and called it a day".

It sounds like they might be adding new features on top or as a replacement. At this point I'm hoping for an entirely redesigned system. I agree about the lack of choice available. I feel like I'm being pigeonholed every time I make a build, and that sometimes I end up building around the classes more than anything because they are such a huge source of power.

One player said that GGG will give us a larger ascendancy tree. Only we will be able to allocate regular skill points into them, only it will cost 5 skill points per node (just like how it costs 5 regret orbs to respec). Each time we touch a new alter we get 10 skill points.

I think they will be adding at least a new 2 pointer to each Ascendancy at least I really hope they do. Which should make for some new interesting choices to mull over. There are so many of them where I love 4 points and am meh on the 6th and the 8th point I barely care about. Admitedly I like weird builds and I dislike all of the nodes that only add math to a build.

I would like to see Champion getting something that isn't shadowed by Juggernaut or unique poe items. His kit already has some potential but it falls flat when compared to just about anything else. For example the perma fortify seems cool and all but you already get almost perma fortify when linked with movement skills. Also his taunt nodes with inspirational are quite garbage, and have little to no use.

What about you? What's your biggest wish about path of exile 3.2.0?
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