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#13710306 Mar 27, 2018 at 01:38 AM
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In Path of Exile, GGG announced the ascendancy class statistics, we can clearly see that the Juggernaut is the most-played Ascendancy above level 70, though the gap between the Juggernaut and the rest is slimmer than historical top-picks have been.

Besides being a safe option, the Juggernaut's ability to generate Endurance charges synergises very well with the new skill, Tectonic Slam, which many players wanted to try out.

Nearly 20% of all characters above level 70 are Marauders, and other than the Scion, whose usage is quite low at around 5%, the remaining classes are all being played at healthily close rates. Above level 90, things only change slightly, though the Juggernaut does pull further ahead, it comes as no surprise that the Juggernaut is an even more popular for collectors of poe exalted orb.

The Pathfinder received very few changes, and has historically been one of the more consistently popular picks, so it's interesting to note how far down the list it is this league. Much of this can probably be attributed to the other class changes generating a lot of excitement and curiosity.

It's also worth calling out the rise in popularity of the Deadeye and the Champion, classes whose popularity had languished in recent history. The Hierophant's ability to place several totems makes him a strong pick for SSF, as spell totems tend to be less gear-dependent than attack-based characters. Even so, the Juggernaut is close behind in both the Hardcore and Standard SSF Bestiary leagues.

Above level 90 in HC SSF Bestiary, Necromancer manages to take the top spot, showing that the reduction in Offering effectiveness has not diminished its capability to outlive almost anything, though the sample size is quite small. All in all, the rebalance has been a step in the right direction.

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